You Are Deserving: Reviving Belief in Your Own Worthiness


Kelly Telly


RM 38


5.8" x 8.3"



Tarikh Terbit

Jan 2024



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At any point in life, have you ever felt like you don’t deserve anything?

‘I’m suck at this project. I shouldn’t be the one to lead it.’

‘I don’t deserve love or anyone.’

‘Am I worthy?’

‘Am I good enough?’

The feeling of unworthiness sprouts from one root cause: INSECURITIES.

As human beings, we share certain collective experiences and thoughts revolving around self-worth and the feeling of deservingness.

Through this book, readers will be transported back to Prophet Musa As’s time – before and during his prophethood.

The story of Prophet Musa AS transcends time and cultural boundaries, speaking directly to the universal human experience, making it worth to ponder.

Just like Prophet Musa AS, you too are deserving of anything that this world has to offer.